Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Antitheists, Science, and Faith

I think the antitheists, also known as The New Atheists, are in a virtual panic. If their theory of evolution isn't scientifically demonstrable, they fear that the creationists will have the upper hand. I find very little evidence to support the theory, excuse me, the fact, of evolution. In the 150 years since Darwin, very little evidence for it has ever been brought forward. Evolution is made up mostly of conjecture, bare assertions, and a "we can't let the creationists win" attitude.

And it's not just evolution that's in trouble. So is physics and cosmology.

The antitheists have tried to construct a view of the world that excludes the Creator of the world. And their view is failing to impress people. Especially intelligent young people.

Are we to suppose that the world has no Creator? That the cosmos is without intelligence? Except for us? Where did our intellect come from? From the random collisions of matter/energy in the void?
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