Thursday, October 1, 2009

An American Economic Bloc

I've long thought that a good long-term economic plan for the Americas would include a common currency. Much like the Euro in Europe, the Amero would be the currency used throughout the Americas.

Thinking of the Americas as an economic union might seem unthinkable, but it's really not. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. The combined U. S. and Brazilian economies alone would be a formidable player in global economics. But the first reaction first world people have to the idea of the Americas having one currency is one of fear. The fear our first world nation will be drawn down to second or (God forbid) third world status. In truth, the U.S. would likely become more like a second world nation and the third world nations throughout the Americas would become more like second world nations too. And that seems fair. Yet this is unacceptable to most first world peoples.

Economically speaking, we pretty much have anything we might need right here in the Americas. The Western Hemisphere is our side of the planet, and with the combined resources of every nation in the Americas united in one economic bloc we would possess more economic strength than any other nation or union of nations. The global economy, at this point in time, should both be expanded, to include all of the Americas and, as much as possible, be restricted to our side of the world.

If we Americans—North, Central, and South—will unite in a common struggle to survive together, as one economic force, we will be far better off than we are right now and there's no telling the benefits we would reap from it. God, in his wisdom, has given us this land, a New World, and from that land he provides us with all we will ever need; if we will only learn to cooperate and share with one another.

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