Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost Jobs, Unemployment, and Population Growth in the U. S.

Lost Jobs, Unemployment, and Population Growth in the U. S.

With unemployment currently hovering somewhere around ten percent, here are some numbers to consider: Since 1999, the U. S. has lost 223,000 jobs and has grown in population by 33.5 million (The Week, September 18, 2009). Considering these numbers, is it any wonder that so many Americans are currently unemployed? I suppose it's a wonder more Americans aren't unemployed.

The health of the U. S. national economy and low unemployment rates depend mainly upon two things: our natural resources and manufacturing. For many years now, manufacturing in the U. S. has been in a steep decline. This is due to many factors, including (especially) the government's overregulation of manufacturing businesses, the demands of labor, and the high taxes they are required to pay.

I guess my question is: Since it's been well known for years that manufacturing in the U. S. was in steep decline, who allowed 33.5 million people into this country during the past ten years? Where are all of these people supposed to work? And the nation lost 223,000 jobs during the same ten year period?

No wonder the unemployment rate is so high.

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