Thursday, November 5, 2009

Political Theories and Political Realities

I'm just about finished with George H. Sabine's A History of Political Theory. I'm now in the final section of the book concerning fascism, having just finshed the section on communism; specifically, Russian communism.

I've found Sabine's book to be fascinating, and I that doubt college level political theory textbooks today are anything like it. The only thing I wish is that he had covered the rise and establishment of communism in China. But I suppose that's a whole different book; especially since Sabine wrote his book in the 1930's. I'm reading the third revision (1960) of the book, so I'm not surprised he doesn't cover it.

I think communist China is a most important political phenomenon that can't be ignored, and I intend to study it at a further date. I think, from what I already know about comunism in China, that Mao's communist revolution in China resembles Lenin's comunist revolution in Russia in that both nations retained the idea of the nation state and took a most agrarian people into an era of industrialized socialism with strong nationalistic interests. The comunist-capitalist-totalitarian hybrid that is modern China, I'm afraid, the Hegelian "wave of the future".
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