Sunday, December 6, 2009

The U. S. Needs Major Changes in Both Foreign and Domestic Policy

The U. S. needs to reevaluate both its domestic and its foreign policies. For example, the U. S. has an open and free trade relationship with the most murderous and oppressive regime on the planet: China. This relationship has flooded our nation with cheap, foreign made goods which has resulted in the devastation our national economy. A strong manufacturing base is essential to any economy, and ours has been sold out (by both political parties and their corporate special interest partners) to an oppressive and murderous foreign interest. Why? Money. To those in power—both political and corporate—profit is more important than people.

Closing the economic door to China—until it changes its evil ways—would not only be the right thing to do, morally speaking, it would also be an important impetus in rebuilding our manufacturing base. For example, many of the cheap goods we currently get from China could be easily be made in areas of the U. S. that have been in dire economic straits for many years and this would boost our economy rather than the Chinese economy.

A well known Democrat, Robert F. Kennedy, once proposed federal government support for the development of light manufacturing in the ghettos of all large U. S. cities as one remedy for ending the cycle of poverty in America’s inner-cities. This idea, which I think is an excellent idea, was apparently murdered along with Kennedy. No Democrat has mentioned it since. Nor have any Republicans. And they certainly haven’t come up with any better ideas (or any ideas for that matter).

Our politicians show no compassion for those in need. They don’t care about the problems of the inner-cities and they don’t care about the summary executions of political prisoners in China, they only care about their money and their political power.

Why does the U. S. support the murderous and oppressive regime that is the modern nation of Israel? You guessed it: money equals political power and no one gets anywhere in American politics by calling Israel a murderous and oppressive regime. Even if it’s true. Politically, it’s better to look the other way when Israeli military forces are murdering innocent civilians (with U. S. made weapons) by the hundreds in Gaza. After all, what could those poor Palestinians ever do to financially support an American politician’s campaign?

All my life I’ve heard about “the problem in the Middle East” but I’ve rarely heard anyone admit what “the problem in the Middle East truly is: Israel. There was no “problem in the Middle East” until Great Britain decided to supported the
Zionist Movement and began allowing Jewish settlers into British controlled Palestine during the early years of the twentieth century. When Israel’s gone the problem will be over, yet the U. S. will (seemingly) never allow this to happen—even if it means World War III. This policy is insane; unless of course you’re a politician seeking campaign finances. In that case it’s “to hell with the Palestinian people.” What politician do you know of who openly supports the Palestinians? I don’t know of any. It’s political suicide in America to do so. And it’s no wonder that the peoples of the Arab world hate us because of it.

What would happen to the U. S. – Iran relationship if the U. S. openly supported the Palestinian people over against Israel and openly supported the current dissident movement in Iran? The Iranian people might actually believe that the U. S., by choosing people over profit, had, for once, actually attained the moral high ground. But the U. S. does neither, and we inch ever closer to World War III, thanks to Israel.

Our nation is sick, and I fear it is sick unto death. A death it well deserves considering its shameful disregard for the human rights and freedoms mentioned above. Oh we talk the talk of freedom and human rights alright; we simply refuse to walk the walk.

Money and power is all that the politicians in Washington care about. They don’t care about the oppressed Chinese people, they don’t care about the oppressed Palestinians, they don’t care about Iranian dissidents, and they don’t care about poor and jobless Americans.

When will we realize what’s really going on in Washington? How long will we let the politicians of both political parties pull the wool over our eyes? Or is it that, having eyes to see we do, in fact, see; but we see only that which we want to see?
When a nation turns its eyes away from those who are oppressed it faces divine judgment. Perhaps World War III is inevitable, since the U. S. seemingly will never change its ways.

I know it certainly looks that way to me.
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