Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hasn’t a U. S. Airliner Already Been Blown Out of the Sky by Al Qaeda Terrorists?

With all of the hoopla surrounding the so-called "underwear bomber" you would think that more people might be aware of the fact that a fully loaded 747 airliner has already been blown out of the U. S. skies by al Qaeda terrorists.

You don't believe me? Perhaps you don't remember the particular incident about which I am speaking? Or maybe you do remember it, but you've never really cared enough about it to study it? I'll admit, it's a lot easier to simply believe what the government and the media tell us, but if you remember the incident at all (as I do) you will remember just how shady the whole thing was—even in the mainstream media—at the time it occurred.

I'm talking about TWA flight 800, which went down, mysteriously, just after departing JFK International Airport (Long Island, New York) on July 17, 1996 killing all 230 persons on board (including an entire high school French Club—killing sixteen teenaged students and five adults—from Pennsylvania, who were on their way to Paris).

At the time, many people nearby witnessed what appeared to be a missile streaking toward the doomed airliner, which was reported by the mainstream media at the time, and there is a very good book about this too, which I've read, but I simply don't believe that a missile is what took that airliner down.

I agree with investigative journalist Peter Lance, who has written three books referencing the TWA flight 800 incident (in the broader context of his overall investigation of 9/11); the third of which I am currently reading, having already read his first two books. (Before you think I'm a crackpot, I will ask you: "Have you bothered to read his books? Do you even care enough to read them?" Lance is a first-rate—five-time Emmy Award winning—investigative reporter and, I assure you, he's no kook.)

Lance makes a very good case, showing that TWA flight 800 was actually brought down by al Qaeda terrorists, who planted a small (liquid-based) bomb near the center fuel tanks of the jumbo jet, in order to cause a mistrial in the federal case, which was being prosecuted at the time of the TWA flight 800 incident, of the infamous al Qaeda bomber/terrorist Ramzi Yousef (remember him?), who had planned and executed the first attack (February 26, 1993) on the World Trade Center (how many people even remember that anymore?) as well for what was known as "Operation Bojinka" (i.e., the terrorist plot to take down multiple airliners, over a forty-eight hour period, via small (liquid-based) bombs, which were to be placed near the center fuel tanks of the airliners, over the Pacific).

Is any of this ringing a bell with you? Do you remember any of this at all? I'll admit, it's very easy to forget. And it's also very disturbing to think about.

If you do care, I would suggest that you begin by reading Lance's books; especially his book on 9/11: Cover Up: What the Government Is Still Hiding About the War on Terror.

Even at the risk of being thought a kook, I think I will write a blog post (soon) regarding the largest unsolved mass-murder in U. S. history: 9/11.

If someone that you loved had died on TWA flight 800 on July 17, 1996--or in either of the twin World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001--would you really believe, so easily, what both the government and the media have told you about these incidents?

I wonder....

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