Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New-Birth Place: El Paso, Texas

While in El Paso, Texas today I stopped to visit with my spiritual mentor: Bishop J. O. Lawson, pastor of Holy Light Church of God in Christ. We hadn't seen one another in twenty-two years. A lot has changed, but much has not. Bishop Lawson taught me to understand the Bible when I was a young man (I was twenty-five then). Also, by his example, he showed me what it meant to be a Christian. I am not the same man now that I was when I first met Bishop Lawson. I was a brand new Christian, but without a church. And I was confused about what church I should go to. Bishop (then Elder) Lawson, along with two ministers from the church invited me to attend Bible study that week, which I did (much to their surprise).

I learned in this Church what being a Christian means and what the Bible says. And that knowledge has never left me. I continually refer to my experiences in El Paso in those early days when I was a new Christian, and I often find myself recalling the wise words Bishop Lawson passed along to me.

Bishop Lawson is Bishop of the West Texas Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, which is headquartered in Memphis, TN, and has--over the past twenty-some years--built a church that is a true city upon a hill.
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