Saturday, January 9, 2010

Religion, Culture and Society

The latest controversy in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania has been the removal of the nativity scene from the center of town (a large square area, with a fountain), which has been placed there every Christmas season for the past twenty years. Apparently, an out-of-town atheist wanted equal time and space in the square for his beliefs, which were to be represented by a sign, and the town (borough) council decided to abandon any expressions of belief, including (especially?) the nativity scene, other than the placing of flowers and flags out of respect for the war dead which the square (Memorial Square) is actually dedicated to.
In the U. S., this kind of thing has been going on for a long time now. The atheist, in this particular case, as in most cases, is filing a descrimination lawsuit. "Hey mister atheist; get a life!" Why ruin everyone elses fun, which, in this case, is an annual/seasonal tribute to Christ, the Son of the Living God and the Savior of the world. Maybe this atheist, and all of the other atheists who reject Christ, should at least respect the religion, culture, and society of which they are a part: a Christian one.
Think about it, if you went to India you would expect the laws and customs to be based upon Hinduism. Would you not? And if you went to Arabia, wouldn't you expect that society's laws and customs to be based upon Islam? Well, when you live in America you should expect the laws and customs of American society to be based upon Christ and Christianity. Do atheists just not travel much? If they do, I'll bet they don't complain much; not like they feel free to do here. All you atheists and antitheists: Get over it. Think about it. This is a Christian-based society. If most people in Chambersburg like the nativity scene in the square (and I think most people do; if they don't, they're at least respectful about it) then I think they should be able to have one there.

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