Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blood For Oil?

*** This post is dedicated to the memory of Lance Corporal Michael L. Freeman, Jr. U.S.M.C. of Fayetteville, Pennsylvania who was killed last week in Afghanistan. He did HIS duty, but his nation's leaders have failed to do THEIRS. ***

I don’t believe many Americans are truly aware of why U. S. troops were sent to the Middle East, and to Iraq, especially, in the first place.

You may remember the “Iraq has WMD’s!” fiasco, and the “Iraq has ties to al Qaeda!” nonsense, and (my personal favorite) the:
“Iraqi Drones May Target U. S. Cities!” (Yeah, THAT one really kept me awake nights, back then.)

Would you like to know the truth about why U. S. troops are in Iraq, as well as throughout the Middle East, today? The truth you have never heard and will never hear in the mainstream media?

We are in Iraq, especially, and we have the entire region surrounded by permanent U. S. military bases because, for years now, OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) members have been threatening to peg the price of a barrel of oil to the Euro
instead of the U. S. Dollar.

That’s right; when you hear, on the news, that the price of a barrel of oil is, say, $70 a barrel, they mean exactly that: it is 70 U. S. Dollars per barrel. This means that every nation (e.g., China, Russia, Brazil) that wishes to buy oil must do so with U. S. Dollars. They must exchange their currency for ours whenever they buy oil. And OPEC members, being the good business people that they are, would much rather use Euros than U. S. Dollars, because the Euro is worth more and the U. S. Dollar worth less. (Sounds like good, old fashioned, capitalist business-sense to me!)

Ever since not long after World War I, when vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, which ran on petroleum-based fuels, became part of everyday life (and a military necessity), both the U. S. and the (old) U. S. S. R. were locked in a geostrategic chess match; the game being: Which nation would grab the Middle East oil fields first?

Well, WE grabbed those Middle East oil fields when we invaded Iraq and we now have the entire region
surrounded by U. S. military forces.

Can you imagine WHY we did this? Because our leaders were afraid of what would happen to our economy if (or when) the OPEC member nations decided to peg the price of a barrel of oil to the Euro in place of the U. S. Dollar. Our leaders knew that—overnight—the price of a gallon of gasoline in the U. S. would rise from, say, $2.85 per gallon to something much closer to $8.85 per gallon. And they weren’t about to let this happen. Why? Because it would cripple our economy. (Especially now; right?)

So NOW, here’s our message to the OPEC member nations, most of whom are the Arab nations of the Middle East: “We dare you, NOW, to threaten us with all this trash-talk about switching the price of a barrel of oil from the U. S. Dollar to the Euro. Go ahead and switch it! We dare you to! WE’LL KILL YOU! We’ll kill you, your families, your flocks, your herds, EVERYTHING!

And THAT, my friends, is the sad truth about why our troops are in the Middle East today; and that’s why our leaders will never allow them to leave either: they need all those guns pointed at the heads of those Arab OPEC nations; just in case they ever need to make good on their threats.
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