Monday, February 8, 2010

Imagery, Symbolism, and Propaganda

Have you ever noticed, in news photographs, that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), in public, only use American-made M-16 rifles? Do you know why? Because Israel wants the world to know that they are backed by the U. S.

This is a rather shrewd propaganda move on the part of the Israeli government: every time we see IDF soldiers, we see them as, what appears (to us) to be, “the good guys”: ourselves (i.e., the U. S.).

This imagery suggests to our minds a symbolism of good versus evil: the Israeli’s appear, to our subconscious, as “the good guys”, because we see those M-16’s, and the Palestinians appear, to our subconscious, as “the bad guys”, because we see those AK-47’s; which “the bad guys” always have.

During the Cold War, we had the NATO Alliance, including, especially, the U. S., with our M-16’s, versus (what was then known as) the Warsaw Pact nations, including, especially, the U. S. S. R., with their AK-47’s. In short: “the good guys” versus “the bad guys”.

This symbolic, propagandistic imagery has been used, for years now, by the Israeli government to subconsciously implant within our minds the image of themselves as “the good guys” and the image of the Palestinians as “the bad guys”. And it works, doesn’t it?

The IDF has much better assault weapons to use than the M-16 rifle. The Israelis are expert weapons designers and manufacturers; the IDF only uses the M-16 rifle, in public, for the purpose of propagandistic imagery. In secret, like on secret missions, away from the cameras, they use their own, superior Israeli-made weapon: the Galil

The M-16 IS NOT a great assault weapon. I know, because I’ve used one. The AK-47 is—BY FAR—the superior assault weapon. I know, because I’ve used one. The Israeli-made weapons are even better, so I’ve heard, but I’ve never used one myself.

So wake up America! And see this imagery for what it really is: propagandistic symbolism, which operates on the subconscious level.
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