Saturday, February 6, 2010

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and His Upcoming 9/11 Trial

Apparently, the upcoming 9/11 terrorism trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) is NOT going to be held in the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan after all. Seems that it's just too much trouble, and it'll cost way too much to do so. But is seems as though KSM will actually get to have his day in federal court . . . some day . . . maybe; unless the Feds change their minds, again, and decide to "try" him by military tribunal instead (but hey, THEY can do that).

I can't imagine WHY the Feds would want to give KSM his day in court, except that they feel the need to provide us with a 9/11 terrorist show trial. I mean, does anyone really believe this guy's going to get a FAIR trial?

KSM's lawyer: "Your Honor, the defense moves to have my client's (Mr. Mohammed's) testimony dismissed as evidence on the grounds that it was obtained through the use of torture."

Federal Judge: "Motion denied! Mr. Federal Prosecutor, please make your case." (All the while, he's thinking: "Hey, Mr. KSM's defense lawyer: SHUT UP! You're ruining the show!")

After all, the FBI has KNOWN about KSM and his 9/11-style using-airliners-as-missiles plot . . . SINCE 1994.

When Ramzi Yousef and KSM were in the Philippines in 1994, plotting to blow up a dozen U. S. airliners over the pacific (Operation Bojinka) they were nearly apprehended by the Philippine National Police when Yousef accidentally mixed some chemicals, while bomb-making in his apartment, causing a his room to fill with acrid smoke, forcing him and his buddy to flee and drawing the attention of neighbors and nearby police. Fearing immediate capture, Yousef, a wanted fugitive with a price on his head (for the first WTC attack/bombing), along with his uncle: KSM, flew to Pakistan; leaving behind, in Yousef's low-rent and smoldering apartment, a Toshiba laptop, which contained the details of a deadly terrorist plan for the near future: using airliners as missiles by flying them into CIA headquarters, the Pentagon, a nuclear power facility, the Transamerica Tower in San Francisco, the Sears Tower in Chicago, and the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City.

The Philippine National Police turned Yousef's Toshiba laptop, containing details of his deadly airliners-as-missiles plot, over to the FBI in 1994.

And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is being put on trial? Are you kidding me? Perhaps the FBI should be put on trial instead? KSM sounds more like a patsy to me; having been watched, carefully, by the Feds—for SIX years—BEFORE 9/11/2001.

And NOW they want to prosecute him? Give me a break!

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