Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Politicians in Washington Are Leading Us to (Literal) Destruction

"Or what king, going to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and take counsel whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he sends an embassy and asks terms of peace." (Jesus Christ, in Luke 14:31-32)

I am not exaggerating when I say that our political "leaders" in Washington are leading us to destruction; I mean this quite literally.

Our support of Israel and our enmity with Iran, which is Israel's enemy and therefore our enemy as well, will, ultimately, lead to the virtual destruction of our nation by Israel's (and our) most powerful enemies: China, Russia, and Iran (in case you doubt Russia's friendship with China, I suggest that you do your homework; starting here).

And if you think that I'm exaggerating, I'm not. I only wish that I were.

It doesn't take an Einstein to figure this one out either; to anyone who is truly aware of the dire situation in which we currently find ourselves, it's simply a matter of awareness and common sense (both of which our politicians in Washington lack).

China is Iran's ally; and has been for many, many years. China currently has thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM's), which are quite capable of reaching all regions of the continental United States, and each of these ICBM's has multiple nuclear warheads.

Our political "leaders" in Washington continue to lead our nation down the wrong path in the Middle East. We have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and we have built permanent military bases throughout the Middle East, many of which now surround China's ally: Iran. And our politicians continue to treat Iran belligerently, because Iran is a threat—the enemy—of Israel; as are all of the other Muslim nations throughout the Middle East.

This present course of action, by Washington, which is simply the continuation of long-standing U. S. (and British) foreign policy regarding the Middle East, is wrong-headed (in the worst way) and needs—desperately—to be corrected—soon, before it's too late.

Does anyone in America honestly believe that China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and all of the Middle Eastern Muslim nations are afraid of the U. S. and Great Britain? I can assure you, they are not afraid of us. Why should they be afraid of empires that are collapsing before their very eyes? These nations are more confident than ever that they will be the victors in any military conflict that will arise between them and us.

In short, an accurate scenario of World War III would envision the allied powers of the U. S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand versus the axis powers of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and pretty much every other nation on earth. If you think, for a moment, that Europe—especially Germany and France—will support us, you can forget it. For one thing, Germany has been friends with Iran for years now, and so has France; and, for another thing, these nations are on the same continent as Russia and China (i.e., Eurasia).

China is not concerned in the least with the (literal) fallout that would result from a nuclear confrontation with the U. S., because, in the first place, they will simply crash our defense computer systems (leaving us defenseless) and then they will annihilate us; in the second place, there is nothing but ocean between us and them; and that's where the nuclear fallout will end up: in the Atlantic, far from Chinese shores (the prevailing winds in North America blow from west to east, in case you are unaware of this meteorological fact).

This scenario is very unlike the cold war, when the U. S. and the Soviet Union had, what was then referred to as Mutually Assured Destruction (or, MAD), because China, unlike the old Soviet Union, is well able to defeat our defense computers (upon which we have become far too dependent) by way of cyber attacks.

Suffice it to say that I am not crying wolf here; far from it: our politicians are leading America to imminent destruction at the hands of our enemies.

Arrogance, pride, and hubris always come before destruction, and our politicians in Washington are full of it.

This image, of America as arrogant, is the image people overseas (especially in the Middle East) have of the U. S.; and this is not the fault of the American people— on the contrary, virtually everyone I ever talk to says that we simply need to butt-out of everyone's business—this is the fault of our political leadership and their dismal foreign policy failures.

What is really distressing to me, personally, is that the solution to this impending crisis (i.e., the obliteration of America, as we know it, in a nuclear conflagration) is so simple, and yet our politicians in Washington, on their own, will never do what needs to be done: tell the world that we have stopped supporting Israel and that we are bringing our troops home from the Middle East—for good—now.

This would immediately solve the present crisis and it would also (immediately) put us in good stead with our (and Israel's) enemies. And, more importantly, the U. S. would be doing the right thing. What the Muslim nations of the Middle East hate most about the U. S. is our hypocrisy: we say that we are for human rights and freedoms, and yet we support Israel's shameful—sinful—murderous oppression of the Palestinian peoples, especially the murdering of innocent little children in Gaza.

If I had kids, I would be very afraid for their safety and their security here in the U. S., because, while our politicians are bickering over bullshit issues in Washington, they have succeeded in turning virtually the entire world against us. They will never stop backing Israel any more than they will ever end farm subsidies or Social Security, because they could never be elected (or reelected) if they did; and THAT is their only, real concern: personal, political power. They don't care about you, me, or your children any more than they care about those poor little children that the Israelis blow to pieces (with U. S.-made weapons and U. S. funding) in the "safety" of their own homes in (concentration camp-like) Gaza.

There is one—and only one—viable solution to this crisis, which is the direct result of the leadership failures (of BOTH political parties) in Washington: the American people must descend—en mass—upon Washington to demand change (real change) now; before it's too late. And I'm not talking about a small, insignificant protest by jobless activists either; I'm talking about average, working people who are willing to not go to work, because they are in Washington D. C. demanding change, until they (we) get the change we so desperately need.

This is what people do (and have done) in other nations when they know that their governments are broken and that they need real change, and it's time that we do the same.

This is the ONLY solution to our current crisis (I can assure you that another election will solve nothing).

I realize that people have bills to pay and children to feed, but if we don't get the change we need in Washington—soon—it will be too late; there will be no more bills to pay and there will be no more children to feed, because most of us, as well as most of our friends and our families, will be dead. The result of a nuclear conflagration—the likes of which the world has never seen—thanks to our "leaders" in Washington.

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