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The Peril of Perverted Political Perceptions

The Peril of Perverted Political Perceptions

I don't watch the news. Do you know why I don't watch the new? Because I would be like most of the people who do watch the news: I would miss the big picture. You've heard the old saying: "You can't see the forest for the trees" right? Well, that's the problem with everyone who is caught-up in the news and everyone who is caught-up with the goings-on in Washington: They are so focused on petty, bullshit issues they don't realize that the very destruction of this nation itself is at stake. I catch enough news from the radio, a newspaper, or a magazine so that I can get the big picture; and the big picture is all I need to know.

Most Americans have a perilously perverted political perception, which is (potentially) fatal. I say "potentially" because I believe it's still possible for the American people to regain control of their government, but I also believe we have very little time left in order to do so. We don't have until the next election. I liken the current situation in the Middle East to our playing with matches in a barn full of hay: it could go up in flames any minute.

In an earlier post (Washington Politicians: The Brood of Vipers, February 10, 2010) I referred to Washington politicians as snakes, and I need to apologize for doing so . . . to the snakes; not the politicians.

Snakes aren't liars, nor are they evil; and it's not their fault that they slither in order to get around. But those politicians up there in Washington are liars, and they are evil. How else would you describe them? The worst lie they tell is that America is at war with terrorism. But are we? Terrorism, by its very nature, is a phenomenon that is impossible to make war against. Terrorism is a violent and symbolic tactic, which is used by individuals and small cell-groups of individuals, in order to cause chaos and disorder within a powerful governmental order that cannot be defeated by means of conventional warfare. So how the hell does a nation wage a war against individuals? It can't, and we aren't: we are waging war against nations (e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, and (perhaps even) Iran).

Our government suspects individuals to be terrorists; it suspects each of us—U. S. citizens—to be terrorists, until we can prove that we are not. President Obama has authorized the assassinations of individual U. S. citizens in the name of the "War on Terror", but again: how does a nation wage war against individuals? What, pray tell, would happen to a U. S. citizen who had the audacity to say that Obama should be targeted for assassination? Oh my God! The Secret Service would be on their doorstep wouldn't they? How dare they say such a thing! This is beyond the pale! It's okay for the president to authorize assassinating individual U. S. citizens but don't even think about it being okay for a U. S. citizen to assassinate the president of the United States. I, for one, find it almost unbelievable that the president of the United States has authorized the assassination of individual U. S. citizens. I say "almost" because this has actually been going on for a long time now; Obama simply re-authorized this criminal Bush era policy, in the name of the so-called "War on Terror".

Who do these Washington politicians think they are? Demigods? Do they actually expect us to bow to their will, no matter what? They have to blow their noses and shit just like the rest of us do, right? Are they better than we are? Are we just supposed to shut our eyes to what is really going on, and to what has been going on for a long, long time now? Regan; Bush I; Clinton; Bush II; Obamawhat the hell is the difference?! Someone please tell me, because I don't see any difference: they are all liars, snakes (sorry snakes), and hypocrites—evil hypocrites and liars who lie to us everything, especially about why we are at war with terrorism. Do you know why we are at war with terrorism? Because Israel is having difficulties stealing Palestine from the Palestinians; and because the people who support Israel are also big supporters (= $) of Washington politicians (e.g., Goldman Sachs). Those Washington politicians are much better at raising money than they are at leading the American people. And I, for one, am not going to stand aside doing nothing while they smash the ship of state on the shoals of their stupidity.

So what are most Americans doing while our politicians in Washington are misguidedly plotting and planning to win (!) World War III? They're watching propagandistic images and listening to propagandistic sound-bites (i.e., the news) or watching and listening to stupid reality shows on television. Not to mention the fact that they are also eating too much while they do so. How can anyone think clearly when their bellies are full of junk food and their minds are full of crap? They can't; and they don't. Even those who think they care about this nation, because they pay attention to what's going on in the world of Washington politics, are so focused on petty bullshit issues (i.e., the trees) that they fail to see the big picture (i.e., the forest): Our government is ruined and our so-called "leaders"—who have deluded themselves into believing their own lies—are leading us to destruction.

It's time to put a stop to it, now; is it not?

I liken the current political/governmental situation in America to a drunken driver who is behind the wheel of a car—along with you, me, our friends, and our families in the back seat of the car he's driving. The Washington politicians are like the drunk driver: they're careening all over the road—shitfaced drunk—with all of us in the back seat of the car. And we're doing . . . what?


Why?! Are we just going to let them kill us?! Are we really that apathetic?! Do we actually care more about our reality television shows (or whatever) than we do the safety of our own families and our friends?!

If you and your family were in the back seat of a car that was being driven by a drunken driver, wouldn't you throw that bastard out and take control of the vehicle yourself; before he killed everyone? But I do understand why we're not doing anything to stop him, it's because we know that he will be stopping, soon, and we're hoping that a more sober driver will take the wheel. We think the next election will give us better politicians; but what we fail to realize is that, while the drunken driver behind the wheel does plan on stopping, soon, he's only stopping for one reason: to buy more liquor.

Do you see the analogy here? The next election in America will change NOTHING.

Our government is broken, but it is not beyond repair. The foundation of America is sound, and perhaps (maybe) the walls; but everything else needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

So I'll ask you, again: What would you do if you, your family, and your friends were in the back seat of a car that was being driven by a drunken driver; knowing that when he stops he's only stopping to buy more liquor? What would you do? Just sit there, doing nothing? Or would you punch him in the mouth, throw him out of the car, and take the control of the vehicle yourself? I would hope that you would punch him in the mouth, throw him out, and drive the car yourself. Since your life and the lives of your family and your friends are at stake, I would hope that you would do the right thing.

As things stand now, the Washington politicians have bankrupted our economy, leaving us hanging out to dry—economically speaking—and now they are careening us into World War III, leaving us hanging out to fry—existentially speaking—and we are doing nothing to stop them?! Are you kidding me?! Go ahead, sit in the back seat of the car and watch Fox News or CNN; go ahead sit there and filling your face and watching stupid reality shows. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves. You'd better enjoy yourselves while you can because—while you're filling your bellies with food and filling your minds with garbage—God is preparing to judge this nation for its evil deedsunless we do an about-face (i.e., repent of our evil and begin doing good)—SOON.

As they say: "the wheels of God's justice grind exceedingly slow, but they also grind exceedingly fine".

It's high time the American people wake up and begin standing up for themselves and for their families. And it's high time the American people stand up for what is right. The American people need to march on Washington and demand that our government cease from doing evil and begin doing what is good, soon; before it's too late.

This, as I see it, is the only hope we have.

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