Sunday, March 28, 2010

Considering all that’s going on these days . . .

. . . all I have to say is: "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?!"

Did you know there was a huge anti-war demonstration in Washington, D. C. last Saturday? If you live close to Washington D. C., and if you realize just how desperate the current situation in the Middle East is, I have to ask: "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS?!"

Do you realize there's a WAR going on? Do you care? Do you realize that people—innocent people—are being killed IN OUR NAME? That there's no end in sight to this murderous war unless we—THE PEOPLE—put a stop to it? That we—THE PEOPLE—are, ultimately, RESPONSIBLE for what's going on; for the taking of EVERY innocent life by our troops?

Have you read the latest news from Afghanistan, about how our troops are killing innocent civilians there?

I'm VERY thankful for ALL of you who DID come out for the demonstration, but I have to ask: "WHY DIDN'T ALL YOU GUYS COME OVER THE POLICE BARRIERS AND SIT WITH US?!"

What the heck?! There's a war—an unjust, indiscriminate-civilian-killing, colonialist war—going on!

Come on guys, there's only one way we're ever going to stop these wars, and there's only one way we're ever going to put a stop to the unconstitutional, eavesdropping, torturous, police-state that our rogue nation has now become: By massive demonstrations in Washington, which are, occasionally, going to require BREAKING A FEW RULES!

Jesus, there weren't even any riot cops there . . . just the U. S. Park Police! All we did was to conduct a simple, non-violent sit-in. I guess the police were expecting us to be so well behaved? I guess they were right.

What are you guys going do when things get more difficult? Run away? Christ, PEOPLE ARE DYING!

Come on people, we can't stop this war—and the World War III that our government is heading us toward—by sitting on the sidelines or by sitting this out.


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