Friday, March 26, 2010

The Health Care Violence Scare

In light of the recent political violence, which has been occasioned by passage of the Democrat's heath care reform bill, I would like to repeat here something that I said back in October 2009:

"Have things gotten so bad in the U. S. that our collective political frustrations could actually lead some people to commit acts of political violence? Could some people's words actually incite some people to commit acts of political violence? These are questions many Americans seem to be asking themselves these days. The U.S. has a very long history of civil unrest and political violence, so it should come as no surprise to us, especially during politically frustrating times, that politically violent acts (of various types) will likely be committed by some people. Well chosen words can incite powerful emotions, and well chosen words concerning genuine political issues and the frustrations which accompany them, can certainly incite some people to act violently. To think that words can have no effect upon people whatsoever—either toward their pursuing good actions or for ill—is simply ridiculous. Words are very powerful; 'more powerful', it is said, 'than the sword'." (See my Political Musings, of October 2009.)

I hope that you followed the link, which I provided above, concerning America's long history of political violence. It's a very long list of political violence. Over the past few days, I've heard people (e.g., politicians, talking heads) saying that political violence is "not the American way" of doing things. On the contrary, until recently, political violence WAS the American way of doing things.

These same people are also complaining, again, about the conservative radio, television, and internet talk show hosts whose inflammatory rhetoric (i.e., words) can/does/will incite their listeners to commit acts of political violence. What they want, of course, is for these conservative talk show hosts to shut their mouths and for people to behave, and start acting like the good little children that we're supposed to be.

I've long said the next book I write will be about politics: American Politics. And the most important thing anyone really needs to know about American politics, which allows us to see through to the bottom of virtually every political issue, is that governments only have two schools of thought concerning how a government should govern its peoples: treat them as children who are dependent upon you, or treat them as adults who not dependent upon you.

America has always been a very conservative nation politically. It's that sense of liberty, independence, and freedom America has always held forth as its ideal which has drawn so many people to it. America, by nature is very individualistic, libertarian, and conservative. People basically want the right to be left alone by their government. This is why liberal politics has never been able to gain much ground here in the U. S. (as it has in Europe).

As I said, my next book is going to be about politics, so, while doing research for this book, I'm reading an old textbook on political theory: A History of Political Theory, Third Edition, by George H. Sabine (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, Inc., 1937, 1950, 1961), and the author, in discussing the different philosophical schools of thought concerning rulers and their subjects found in Plato's Statesman and in Aristotle's Politics, says that:

"The question, of course, is whether subjects shall be assumed to be dependent upon rulers, as children must be dependent upon their parents, or whether they shall be assumed to be responsible and self-governing" (pp. 72-73).

In America, it should be obvious to us which of our political parties assumes we are children and which does not. The liberal Democrats assume the people are like dependent children, and the conservative Republicans assume the people are responsible and self-governing. Not much has changed in the past 2,000 years.

That having been said, neither political party today is working for the people. Both parties are criminal, both parties are corrupt, and this government is broken beyond all normal means of repair: the next—or any future—election will solve nothing; more elections-as-usual will simply perpetuate the broken and corrupt status quo.

It's time to get serious folks. Let's stop acting like the good little children that the politicians in Washington want us to be. We've put up with their bullshit for long enough now, let's take our nation back: NOW!

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