Friday, March 12, 2010

Terrorism, Internet Radicalization, and Freedom

We're beginning to hear more and more about internet radicalization these days. We're told by the mainstream media that terrorists are using the internet in order to spread their message of hate and that this is giving rise to a new phenomenon: the radicalized individual, with terrorist sympathies, who could commit a lone wolf act of terrorism.

The question the government is asking now is: "How can we stop this?"

After the indictment of Jihad Jane in Philly the other day, the pentagon shooter last week, the idiot who crashed his plane into an IRS building a few weeks back, and the Ft. Hood massacre late last year, the authorities and the media have good reason to be concerned.

And I have news for them, and for you: "This situation is far worse than you think."

I'll tell you, and them, something else too: "The government in Washington is broken far worse than you think it is, and things are far worse than the mainstream media is letting on."

The mainstream media covered the Tea Party Movement as though it were a serious threat to the established order/regime (meaning: BOTH political parties); but it never was such a threat. Not even close. The Tea Party was a tempest in a teapot. It's true that it was, perhaps, the tip of a much larger iceberg of discontent; but the Tea Party itself never came anywhere close to representing the true level of anger, discontent, and revolutionary spirit that has been rising in this nation for many years now, which is now coming to a head. This revolutionary spirit has given rise to a very large (and growing much larger by the minute) movement of true revolutionaries, which is made up of good-hearted, intelligent, hard-working, taxpaying citizens on BOTH sides of the political spectrum who are ready for radical, revolutionary change: NOW!

Because they know the next election will change nothing.

When both a hard-working, taxpaying law professor and a hard-working, taxpaying truck driver are explaining constitutional law to the People, and when both are calling upon the People to take responsibility, rise up, and take control of their broken government, you can know that you have a very serious problem on your hands.

This is no Tea Party Movement; this is a call to revolutionary action.

When the People rise up, take to the streets, and march against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in Washington D. C. on March 20th, demanding an end to this unjust war, people across the country and around the world will see Americans who are Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians and Socialists, Pro-choice and Pro-life, Muslims and Christians, marching to the beat of a single drum: that our government derives its authority from the consent of the governed--the People--and that the People DO NOT consent to this war . . . we've been lied to, and we DEMAND an END to this war: NOW!

We will do whatever it takes to end this war and we will take charge of our broken government by ousting the current, corrupt, and criminal regime and replace it with a new regime, which understands the meaning of freedom, justice, and truth, in order to build a better society and to further the common good.

So don't be surprized to hear, in the mainstream media, more and more about internet radicalization and angry anti-government talk of revolution, attempting to marginalize true revolutionaries by painting them as kooky internet radicals, or worse: terrorists. Because the truth our government doesn't want you to know--and the truth it is afraid of--is this: that these revolutionaries are simply average, everday, hard-working, taxpaying citizens--who can read, write, and think--who are fed up with this corrupt regime and have decided that they're not going to take it anymore: they're networking, sharing ideas, becoming radicalized, and we're mobilizing.

This is what the current regime is truly afraid of: that we're coming for them, that we will succeed, and that they will be getting their day in (civilian) court for the many crimes that they've committed against the American people.
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