Sunday, April 4, 2010

Help to Put an End to the War on Terror

If you knew the next political election in America would change nothing, what would you do? If you knew the next election would change nothing, and that the politicians in Washington would continue doing business as usual—waging war, wasting tax monies, helping their corporate, banking, and military/industrial complex buddies—what would you do? Continue to vote anyway, even though you knew the election meant nothing?

The system—our government in Washington—is broken beyond all normal means (i.e., elections) of repair.

The politicians in Washington are engaged in a murderous "War on Terror" that has resulted in nearly 5,000 American soldiers killed, over 31,000 injured, and left over 1,000,000 Iraqi's dead. The Washington establishment is planning to continue the war in Afghanistan indefinitely, which is resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians in that country.

We are responsible for these transgressions.

As Dr. King said, to do nothing—to passively acquiesce in the face of evil and oppression—is to be an active participant in that same evil and oppression. We—the People—are responsible for our government, and because our government in Washington is actively evil and oppressive—unjustified and preemptive war, torture, remote-control killings, assassinations of U. S. citizens overseas, suspension of due process for those designated "terrorists", U. S. support of Israel's colonization of Palestine and the slaughter of Palestinian civilians—we have an obligation to actively resist our corrupt, Washington government establishment.

To do nothing is to participate in, and to be guilty of, the crimes our government commits.

What will you do? Wait for the next election and vote for . . . who? Will you simply wash your hands of it all and say that you're not to blame? But we ARE to blame, unless we actively resist—non-violently—our corrupt, evil, and oppressive Washington government.

The time has come for the People of America to stop doing nothing, to stop acquiescing, to stop ignoring our responsibilities, and to start standing up for what's right, start restoring sanity and justice to our nation, bring an end to the wars, the torture, the outdated colonialism of the British-American empires, and the bloated federal bureaucracy in Washington that wastes our tax dollars—it's time to throw those crooked Washington politicians out on their ears.

Stop bitching, unless you want to help solve the problem. If you want to help, then join us. If you don't want to help, then please just stay out of the way.

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