Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Taxes? The Regressive VAT

Have you heard about this new tax the feds are proposing: the Value Added Tax (VAT)? It's bad enough that the feds are proposing yet another tax upon the American citizens, but now they want to tax the poor and working people more than the wealthy people?

The VAT is a regressive tax, meaning the poor and the working class will pay a higher percentage when they pay the new tax.

What's wrong with an equal percentage, or a flat tax?

My question, to you, is: "When the hell is enough enough for you?"

I, for one, have HAD IT with the Washington politicians.

Do you realize the feds in Washington are already getting pay raises and bonuses, even during these hard economic times? That they are already making six-figure salaries? That they are already making more than private-sector workers? That even U. S. House of Representative staffers are already making six-figure salaries? That thousands of federal employees in Washington are already riding the Metro for free on the American people's tax dollars?

God knows, I could go on . . . these are only a few examples of how the feds in Washington are wasting the American people's tax dollars.

Of course, to those who are a part of the federal government, it's not a waste of tax dollars at all. For these people, it's simply fuel for the gravy train they're riding.

So get ready to pay-out even more taxes America. Get ready or get angry.

Why not get angry and do something to put a stop to this?

As soon as enough Americans have had enough of this sort of thing, I will be the first person in Washington to participate in shutting that city down through massive, non-violent protests--without a permit--which are the only kinds of protests that will work.

This is the only message Washington will ever get, and it's time to send it--NOW!
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