Monday, May 3, 2010

The Irony and Immorality of the Left’s Anti-Arizona Position

The Irony and Immorality of the Left's Anti-Arizona Position

The Left's uproar over Arizona's new anti-immigration law reveals just how wrong-headed the Left can be regarding some issues.

Borders exist for a reason.

For example, just as a woman has a right to her private space not to be invaded by a man; and just as an American citizen (supposedly) has the right not to be asked for their identity papers, a nation or a state has the right to ensure the security of its national or state space by enforcing the security of its borders.

The irony of the Left's anti-Arizona position is that the basis of their argument is to say that the private space of individual Hispanics is now at risk of being violated by Arizona police officers, while the exact same argument can be used to justify the new Arizona law: Arizona has the right to protect its private space from being violated.

The U. S. Border Patrol routinely profiles Hispanics in the U. S./Mexico border region now, and has done so for years. This is how they do their job.

What does the Left want the U. S. Border Patrol to do in order to secure the U. S. border? Only arrest those people that are caught in the act of crossing the border illegally? To not question people found near the border, in the middle of the desert, whom they suspect (for good reason) of being in the country illegally?

I suspect that the Left wants illegal immigration to be decriminalized. In other words: for the U. S. to have an open border with Mexico.

The immorality of this position should be evident. The United States, just like a woman, has the right to protect its space from unwanted and illegal invasion.

Seriously folks . . . the Left needs to think about this and not just react to it without thinking, because they're just making themselves look ignorant.

A nation that cannot secure its borders is not a nation.

Shame on the Left, for its ironic and immoral position (and immoral behavior) regarding this important issue.

See my previous post for the only, two, commonsense solutions to the illegal alien-U. S./Mexico border problem.

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