Saturday, June 5, 2010

Respect Life

This will be my last blog post for quite a while.

I'm not a blogger; I'm a theorist—a theological, social, and political theorist.

I have no desire to comment on the latest news of the day or to parrot some party line.

And I've written quite enough already.

I have an upcoming trial in Washington, D. C., concerning a non-violent anti-war (sit-in) protest, and I, for one, have HAD IT with the spineless, evil, anti-life, warmongering criminals in Washington, D. C.

Respect for life is what matters.

America, today, has no respect for life; nor does Israel.

This is why we need to get America back on track—on the track of a more just society.

Scientists can't create life; they can only reverse engineer it. Meaning: they can only copy or duplicate it.

Respect life.

Because you can't create life.

Israel, like America, which seems to do Israel's bidding, is a morally bankrupt state.

Respect life.

I've said all that I have to say on these matters.

God is our judge.

And, according to the Bible, Israel has no entitlement to the "promised land".


Because Israel failed to keep God's covenant.

I'm done with an evil America.

I'm done with an evil Israel.

Respect life.

Nurture life; encourage life; protect life—please, don't destroy it.

America repents of its evil ways.

America repents of supporting Israel.

America apologizes to the Muslim world.

We're bringing our troops home, now.

We're going to focus on American problems—South, Central, and North American problems and solutions . . . from now on.

Respect life.

Israel . . . you're on your own.

Good luck with that.



Pack up your money and go back to Israel.

US President, Congress?


Leave office . . . now.

Complicit, traitorous, liars.

Wall Street?


People are more important than profit.

Big Oil?


A nation's natural resources belong to its Peoples.

American citizens, wake up!

We're taking our nation back.


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