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The Wrong ANSWER to the Arizona Question

The Wrong ANSWER to the Arizona Question

From an email, which I received from ANSWER, regarding its (recent) protest of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at the National Governor’s Association Meeting in Boston, today:

“At the rally opening, Jennifer Zaldana, representing the ANSWER Coalition, said ‘Today, our message will be heard: Legal Rights for Immigrant Workers! And this is not only a message to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, but to all of the state governors. We will not let the racist Arizona law SB 1070—or any racist bills being considered across the country—go unchallenged.’”

Okay, well, I’ve written on this subject before . . . and I suppose I’ll have to keep writing about it, because so many people are just plain getting it wrong.

Please consider what Jennifer Zaldana, representing the ANSWER Coalition, said: “Legal Rights for Immigrant Workers!”

Okay . . . who, I ask, has a problem with that? That being what she said.

America is a nation made up of immigrants. We’re all immigrants. So who, in their right mind, would oppose immigrants?

Perhaps it’s the workers aspect of what she said that some people oppose? No, we know it’s not that.

We know what she means, and what she supports, yet what she also refused, honestly, to say: “Legal Rights for Illegal Immigrant Workers!”

But this doesn’t sound quite right, does it? It doesn’t quite ring true.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Mexico, the Mexican people, and their culture; that I’ve been to Mexico many times; and that my heart is broken over the violence in Mexico, which is caused by America’s failed war on drugs. Heck, I even have a large image of La Virgen de Guadalupe on the back of my pick-up truck’s rear window!

But I am not in favor of open borders. Immigrants ought to immigrate legally, not illegally, and I cannot support illegal immigration . . . from anywhere, not just Mexico and Central America.

I am not a racist. And for anyone to say that I am a racist, simply because I believe that people ought to immigrate to this—or any other—country legally, would be wrong . . . or worse: it would be a lie.

Please people: get over yourselves.

Consider this: a nation is like a home. And who among you would allow anyone and everyone who wished to do so to enter and live in your home?

Right: none of you.

For those of you who are unaware, the drug related violence in Mexico has led to anarchy; meaning a total breakdown in law and order. For example, a person who is angry with someone and wishes to kill her—for any reason—can now do so, with impunity, in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Why? Because the victim is just another one of the many bodies dumped in Juarez everyday; and the police cannot—and will not, for fear of their lives—investigate the many murders that occur there.

In Mexico, the authorities are murdered, routinely, by paramilitary groups, especially Los Zetas, and this murderous intimidation of authority has now spread to, you guessed it: Arizona.

This, my friends, I can assure you, is no laughing matter. Neither is this a matter for ANSWER to get bent out of shape (and lie) about in order to further their overall agenda, most of which, besides this illegal immigration issue, I agree with.

Maybe I should start a group called TRUTH?

Let’s be realistic . . . and honest. America is our home, and like any home there is only room (and jobs) enough for a certain amount of people. In short, immigration must always be controlled: no nation can allow open borders.

According to The Week magazine (September 18, 2009) the US lost 223,000 jobs during the ten year period extending from 1999-2009 and, during the same time period, the US population increased by 33.5 million people.

Yeah . . . do the math on that.

Where, pray tell, are these 33.5 million immigrants (legal or illegal) supposed to work? And where are all of the people who were already here to begin with, being natural born and long-time taxpaying citizens, supposed to work?

The US government, for the past twenty years, in the name of free trade and the global economy, has systematically dismantled America’s industrial base; thereby dismantling its economy as well. We were told, for eight years, by then president Bill Clinton, that we would have a service economy, which means: no real economy whatsoever.

And now, according to some people (ANSWER and many others) we’re supposed to have open borders as well?

Yeah, I don’t think so.

THINK about this people. Please.

(Maybe I should start a group called THINK, because there’s (apparently) not much thinking going on these days.)

I lived in Arizona, southern Arizona . . . recently. How many people who protest the new Arizona law have even been to Arizona? Let alone know what actually goes on there? As I do; from personal experience.

I support Humane Borders, which is a group that provides warnings and water stations for those illegal immigrants who manage to get past the US-Mexico border and could die of thirst without these water stations. But I also support the US Border Patrol sending them back to wherever they came from if there’re caught here illegally.

I myself have thought about immigrating to Mexico, but the cost of doing so legally is prohibitive to me. I’ve even tried to immigrate there illegally, but was turned back at an inside-the-country customs check-point. Had I bypassed the checkpoint, as I had considered doing, I could have—and should have been—arrested for immigrating illegally. Not because the Mexican peoples are racist, although I was obviously stopped at the checkpoint because I was white, but because I was breaking the Mexican immigration law.

See my point?

I’ve spent a lot of time—years—in the US-Mexico border region; and I love it. I have also seen, over the past twenty years, an improvement in US border security. But I can assure you, the US-Mexico border region is a vast ocean of desert which is simply hard to control, due to its vastness.

I’ve been in the area, in southern Arizona, that is a vast corridor for regular marijuana trafficking. It’s simply hard to control, because the area is so vast. And I wrote on this while I was there. I think most people are simply oblivious to the implications of the situation. For example, I was living in El Paso, Texas when the authorities discovered the bodies of eighteen people, illegal aliens all, in nearby Sierra Blanca, Texas, who had been trapped, by their human smugglers (coyotes), in a railroad boxcar in 120 (plus) degree heat. The police found that the people had, with their bare hands, managed to dig, in desperation, through the (very) thick wooden flooring of the boxcar, a (very) small hole through which some of them could get air.

This is, as I said, no laughing matter folks.

Nor is it a matter of racism . . . ANSWER.

THINK about this issue people.

Do I have the right to grope a woman anytime I please? Does a woman not have the right to her private personal space that NO ONE, without her permission, is allowed to enter?

Sure she does. Just like you, your home, and your nation has a right to protection of your personal space, which requires your permission for someone to enter it.

“Legal Rights for Illegal Immigrant Workers!”?



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