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The Future of America Depends Upon Justice for the Unborn

The Future of America Depends Upon Justice for the Unborn

(photo: abortion - 10 weeks)

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Seuss once said: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

I agree.

Last month I was working with a fine young Christian man—the kind of young Christian person who inspires hope for the future and can be found across this great nation— who said something that really surprised me. He said something to the effect of, “I think abortion is okay as long as it’s right after conception (like via “the morning after pill”) or still very young/small.”

I think I said something like, “So all that matters is that we kill them when they’re small . . . preferably by chemicals, as opposed to scalpels. But the point here is that one has to have a justifiable reason to take a human life and to have an abortion is to intentionally destroy a human life. Simply not wanting a little someone around is not just cause for taking a human life, so matter how small/young it is.”

I also told him two stories from my own life-experience. The first was that, when we were young teenagers, my best friend got his girlfriend pregnant and, because they didn’t want her parents to find out they were having sex, they aborted the child. My friend and his girlfriend later married and had three kids. I think her parents figured out that they were having sex. This couple, especially the woman, always regretted having aborted their first, who would have been their oldest, child.

The second story is that of my ex wife. She got pregnant at 16 (not by me) and hid it from her mom until it was too late to get an abortion, which is what her mom (not my ex wife) wanted to do. She had the child, a boy, and she gave him up for adoption. He contacted her when he turned 18 and they have been corresponding ever since. He’s very happy to be alive, knowing he could have been aborted, he’s very happy with his life, and he’s also a very successful businessman.

And that’s a lot better than ending up in the toilet, or in the garbage can, isn’t it?

Life is unique; especially human life.

I once watched Bill Moyers interview Dr. Leon Kass, MD on PBS. Dr. Kass is one of the brightest thinkers in America, and he’s also a distinguished bioethicist (whose books I’ve read). The following is an excerpt from this interview,

BILL MOYERS: You mean down when we were mere cells?

LEON KASS: When we were--

BILL MOYERS: Or a cell?

LEON KASS: We were a very special kind of cell, Bill.

BILL MOYERS: Potentially.

LEON KASS: No, no. We were-- when you-- look, when-- R.G. Edwards created the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, 1978, he said, and he sort of stumbled over the truth. He said, "She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now." And by "then" he meant when she was a zygote, when she was a fertilized egg which he had fertilized.

What really struck me was just how little Bill Moyers thinks of human life in its earliest stages.

Just like the young man I worked with.

Dr. Kass is a wise man who is in awe of life, especially human life, and he realizes the continuity, over time, of our being. We were all zygotes once. I, the person who I am now, this body, was once as small as the period at the end of this sentence.

“We were a very special kind of cell, Bill.”

I suppose “the morning after pill” is a conscience relieving solution to an unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy? Simply swallow a pill and your pregnancy is over!

Sounds like the modern, scientific, and merciful way to kill your unborn child. If they’re really small they won’t feel anything . . .

Mercy is one of the reasons the guy that I used to work with gave me for using “the morning after pill” or getting an abortion early: they don’t feel any pain.

But who are they?

They are the same kind as us: people.

“Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never send to ask for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee.” ~ John Donne

By saying this Donne is telling us much the same thing as Dr. King was telling us when he said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” What Donne is saying is that we’re a small part of a much larger human family and that we’re all mortal. When the bell tolls the death of anyone, it may as well be my own death, because sooner or later I will die. The death of anyone is a loss to the human family of a unique individual. In the case of abortion, the death of each human being via abortion is, in a sense, the death of us all, because the single, unwanted human zygote, embryo, or fetus is a microcosm of humanity. The unjust, intentional putting to death of a single, small, growing human being through abortion is the death of us all, because we turn our head and ignore, for the most part, the deathly matter.

Are YOU going to be the one to kill it? Whatever size it is? I’m not.

Not if it’s human, sorry.

And HUMAN it is; it being: the small person (people or them).

I realize that pseudo intellectuals like Peter Singer would have us (i.e., our society) allow for abortion and infanticide (i.e., the murder of infants up to two years of age) but I think Dr. King would really have issues with such inhumane and murderously brutal injustices as abortion and infanticide.

Wouldn’t he?

Abortion and infanticide are based, philosophically, upon a genocidal instinct that transcends ordinary classifications of hated, which becomes a hatred for the bodily existence of another person (however small). This (small) person’s nationality, religion, gender, and race are irrelevant; the intention of abortion and infanticide being to destroy a human life simply because it exists.

Notice how, in the dialogue above, Moyer’s use of potential life is summarily dismissed by Dr. Kass.

You weren’t a potential human life, or person, when you were a zygote Bill; you were you: a living, growing, human person . . . the same—although much more mature—unique human person that you are right now (e.g., same blood type, same unique DNA).

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, “The medical examiner's office received a total of 19,916 human remains, which included fewer than 300 intact bodies or torsos. It identified 10,190 body parts, some as small as a finger tip, primarily through DNA testing. About 9,726 remains remain unidentified.”

Although we don’t like to think about it, the finger tip of an unborn child who has been legally killed by an abortionist would also be identified as being “human remains.”

In short, this is indisputable scientific evidence that the unborn child is a human being. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Isn’t that the point, after all, of killing it to begin with? Because it—a living, growing, human being—is; it exists here-and-now and we don’t want it to?

So we desire a humane way of being rid of this . . . human.

Better than carving it up into little pieces—not as ugly, or as brutal, in appearance.

Suffice it to say that, in this case—concerning Kass and Moyers—Dr. Kass comes across as much wiser than the average person which, in this case, is represented by Moyers.

Size (or age), in this case, doesn’t matter.

Injustice anywhere—like the unjust taking of a human life through abortion—is a threat to justice everywhere.

Ask not whom the abortionist kills, he’s killing you . . . he’s killing us all; in microcosm . . . the purest form of genocide (or specicide).

Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle to political reformation, now, is the abortion issue. Why? Because the Left, which is supposed to stand for human rights supports, for the most part, a woman’s right to choose to hire an abortionist, usually a man, and pay him to kill her child (unless of course she’s using the “more humane” morning after pill).

The Right, which has no history of supporting the oppressed, like the Left does, has picked up the human rights banner which the Left dropped (i.e., the banner of the smallest amongst us, the not-yet-born) and managed to gather most of the pro-lifers into its party. The Left, which perceives the abortion issue as irrevocably tied to the women’s rights issue could easily become the party of life and justice, thus transferring most of the pro-lifers from the Right into its own party, if the Left would simply acknowledge the truth: abortion is the intentional, violent destruction of an innocent human person.

Women have rights in our society. They have equal rights with men. But neither a man nor a woman has any right to kill an unborn person. Some jealous, angry husbands will always seek out their cheating spouse's lover in order to kill him. But this doesn't mean that the state (i.e., the government) should legalize such killings. Likewise, women (and men) will always seek to be rid of their unborn children. But that doesn’t mean that the state (meaning: the government) should legalize such killings.

What would Dr. King say . . . ? Can you imagine? And why is no one else, of any popular significance, saying it?

What’s happened to justice? Human rights cannot be in subjection to women’s rights, or to men’s rights. These rights are innate; inviolate, God-given.

And that was Dr. King’s whole point, wasn’t it? Equal rights for all people via Natural Law . . . as outlined for us in the Declaration of Independence?

I had a rather unique perspective of Glenn Beck’s recent rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C. I walked from Dupont Circle to the rally that morning and, as I was walking down 16th street, only a few blocks from the White House, I passed by the Planned Parenthood at 16th and L and, as you can imagine (or maybe you can’t) it was very busy, being a Saturday, which, apparently, is a good (i.e., popular, or common) day for the unborn to die.

Tens of thousands of pro-lifers were at the Beck rally . . . but not at the clinic, in order to protest. Hundreds of pro-choicers were at the anti-Beck rally, not far from the Lincoln Memorial, attempting to make Dr. King’s dream of a more just society a reality. But they weren’t at the clinic either. There was only a very small group of Catholics there, at the clinic, protesting.

“A person’s a person, no matter how small . . .”

It’s time for America, meaning the American people, to reconcile human rights to the abortion issue . . . to seek justice. If the Democrats would rethink the abortion issue through the lens of Dr. King’s Natural Law paradigm the Republicans would go back to being their old rich, fat cat, country club selves.

Support Life!


End war, end abortion, end poverty, end racism, end capital punishment . . . and seek instead to build a culture of life!

And Justice!

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