Sunday, January 23, 2011

Choose Life – March for Life 2011

It’s time again for the annual March for Life, which is a peaceful pro-life (anti-abortion) march (protest). The March for Life commemorates, in memoriam, the 1973 US Supreme Court decision (in Roe v. Wade) which legalized abortion on demand throughout all fifty states. This year marks its thirty-eighth year and I wonder how much longer it will take for America to become a nation that loves and promotes life rather than one that loves and promotes death.

A recent news story confirmed something that I wrote not long ago: the dirty little secret about abortion and the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is that legalizing abortion simply allowed the back-alley butchers to move onto Main Street (or, in this case, Lancaster Avenue). Perhaps the Philly House of Horrors will be a wake-up call for many? For many people, however, such as myself, the house of horrors in Philly was no surprise, because we’ve been awake to this issue for quite some time. An abortionist is usually a lousy doctor—much better at killing people than at healing them—often having graduated at-or-near the bottom of their medical school class, who makes a living killing babies.

On Monday January 24, 2011, tens of thousands of Americans will march in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate their support of a culture of life, one in which the intentional, violent destruction of a human being of any age is not permitted by law. Choose life, and justice for the unborn.

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