Friday, January 7, 2011

Political Observations 2011 – US Government Illegitimate

The US federal government has no legitimacy and many people are beginning to realize it. For many people my age, 9/11 was only the most recent, not the first, deadly federal terror attack upon the innocent American peoples. I remember incidents like Ruby Ridge, the World Trade Center bombing, Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Many people my age remember these events, and how the feds had become so murderously heavy-handed. Younger people, who have no memory of these events, should take notice of them.

At the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, many people suspected that explosives had been planted in the Murrah federal building long before the bombing occurred on April 19, 1995, because the damage to the building was so much greater than that which could have been caused by Timothy McVeigh’s (and others’ unknown) ANFO truck bomb. General Partin said as much at the time.


The Murrah federal building, it appeared to many, had been prewired with explosives. And, just as it was at Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas, all evidence from the Oklahoma City bombing crime scene was appropriated by the feds and the crime scene itself destroyed. (The demolition of the Murrah building was entrusted to the establishment connected firm: Controlled Demolition; the same firm hired by the feds to clean up the WTC crime scene immediately after 9/11.) In short, the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job.

The growing awareness that WTC building 7 was intentionally brought down by controlled demolition is causing many to conclude that if one building was brought down by controlled demolition on 9/11, WTC building 7, then WTC buildings 1 and 2 must also have been brought down by controlled demolition. 9/11, too, was an inside job.


Thus the US federal government has, in the minds of many peoples, no legitimacy.

I, for one, have had it with the feds. I’m far beyond the belated anger of the TEA partiers . . . reform, in my thinking, is impossible. If reform means wasting valuable time and energy with the corrupted election system. The worst thing that ever happened to the TEA Party is that it went from being a good protest movement to being part of the Republican establishment.

Those who have lost loved ones in Oklahoma City and New York must deal with the fact that those responsible for murders of their loved ones are beyond the reach of law. Some parents in America live with this fact on a daily basis. As in Mexico, so it is in America: corrupt, rich, and powerful politicians get away with murder. Justice and the rule of law has given way to the will to power.

It’s up to us, the American People, to take our nation back from these thugs. To regain legitimacy for our national government as a government that governs by consent of its People.

I think those who have lost loved ones in this struggle are leading the way. And it’s time for us to follow their lead. To seek justice.

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