Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dudley’s Dud (of a book)

Have you seen this new theology book yet? Talk about being the exact opposite of what a theology book should be . . . . just read this excerpt from the Amazon product description of Jonathan Dudley’s new theology book: Broken Words: The Abuse of Science and Faith in American Politics,

“Arguing against absolutism on abortion and opposition to embryonic stem cell research, Dudley shows that most Christian theologians throughout history, including Augustine, Aquinas, and even American evangelicals up until the 1980s, have believed that life does not begin at conception. He argues that evangelical opposition to gay marriage has more to do with allegiance to socially conservative cultural values than allegiance to the Bible. He demonstrates that traditional Christian valuations of science, as well as scientific evidence itself, should lead evangelicals to accept evolution and reject both creationism and intelligent design. And he surveys how evangelicals are changing their minds about environmentalism, and how this development supports a new way of thinking about the Bible.”

Contrast that description with the Amazon product description of my theology book: The World Perceived: A Theological and Phenomenological Approach to Thinking, Perceiving, and Living In-The-World,

“By exploring the epistemological bases of both science and theology as forms of knowledge along with the assumptions implicit within both worldviews, The World Perceived invites the reader upon an intellectual journey into the world of phenomenal reality. The author makes a strong case for the validity of the biblical description of the world and reality by demonstrating how the modern scientific description of the world and reality are in no way superior to the biblical description.”

I haven’t yet read Mr. Dudley’s book, and I doubt that I will, but I wouldn’t mind debating these issues with him on campus sometime (in fact, I would love that), but I imagine that HE is the one who is misusing (“breaking”) words. There are certain things one expects from ALL books of theology, including Mr. Dudley’s and my own. Things like remaining faithful to the ancient teachings of the Church by making them relevant to our lives today. The goal of the theologian is to provide the community of faith--the people of God--with the scriptural teachings that are necessary for them to be able to live their lives in ways that would be pleasing to God.

I don’t believe God is pleased with abortion, which is the intentional destruction of a healthy, living, growing human being, so I can’t imagine how Mr. Dudley’s book is of any good to anyone. He’s actually about as off-track as a theologian can get (Go Yale!). As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Dudley’s new book is a dud.


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