Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why I am SO DONE with Alex Jones - Egypt, Libya, Israel, and Charlie Sheen (an open letter to Mr. Jones)

More so than anyone else, Alex Jones appears to be seeking the truth behind government cover-ups, especially 9/11, which is very appealing to those of us who believe that the current and corrupt regime that has reigned in Washington for over thirty-years (Democrat and Republican) needs to go. And I’m not talking about throwing the bums out in the next election, I’m talking about the American people marching on Washington in order to run those murderous, lying, thieving, criminal, snakes out of their House and Senate office buildings in Washington, D. C. (non-violently, of course), just like the people are trying to do in Egypt and Libya to those who have ruled over them so poorly for the past thirty-to-forty years.

I think we all know that if the American people were ever to get serious about this, and actually do it, our “leaders” in Washington would gun us down too. You know they would, just as the corrupt regimes in Egypt and Libya and Bahrain have done. And if that were to happen, all bets would be off as far as non-violence goes. I would be doing my best to rally the 30,000,000 good-ole boys who live throughout rural America (with their pick-ups and their rifles) to head to D. C. for the fight. I would also expect the police and the military to switch sides in order to defend the American people against our corrupt thirty-year old regime, just as they have in Libya. If that were ever to happen, I can assure you that Alex Jones would be in his studio in Austin, Texas, at his microphone, calling us all dupes of the New World Order . . . blah, blah, blah . . . .

Do you realize why Obama and Clinton were so hesitant to back the people of Egypt when the Egyptian people had had enough of Mubarak’s corruption and murderous ways? Because they knew the same exact thing could happen here, which is very unsettling to those in power. Like Obama and Clinton, Alex Jones, rather backing the Egyptian people right away, as I did, chose to label the Egyptian people’s revolution a New World Order (NWO) conspiracy, and he basically considers the Egyptian and Libyan peoples to be dupes of the NWO. Excuse me Mr. Jones? People in Egypt and Libya are willingly risking their lives and losing their lives striving to be free of the tyranny that oppresses them; everything you say you support.

What a hypocrite. Alex Jones is great until things get serious, then he wants to take you off on a rabbit trail that leads to nowhere and will accomplish nothing. The supposed New World Order is far too nebulous a “thing” for the People to fight, it’s more like boxing the air than it is throwing out the current regime, literally. What is Alex Jones’ plan for the future? What will he do to help free us from tyranny? Call for a march on Washington to run those crooks out of town? NO. His plan, I suppose, is to bullhorn the Bilderburg Group for the next thirty years. What a waste of energy. The people who listen to Jones everyday would gladly march on Washington if he would call for it, but he never will. NEVER. What a lying hypocrite Mr. Jones is.

Think about this, if YOU had the opportunity Mr. Jones does to be on-air with such a large audience, would you not be broadcasting live from in front of the White House calling for non-violent regime change? Or would you be 1,500 miles away ensconced in your studio, which you're enlarging, talking about the NWO ad nauseam?

I am so DONE with Alex Jones . . . he didn't support the people of Egypt, he will not support the people of Libya, he supports the Zionist "two-state" solution, and he USED Charlie Sheen and his current manic state to further his own pathetic career. What a hypocrite. (Him and his "V" campaign . . . people are flashing the "V" sign ALL OVER Egypt and Libya and do you think he shows ONE video of it? No.)

Now is the time to strike, while the iron is hot. Now is the time to push, push, and keep on pushing. Anyone who has thought about this, and is sincerely seeking the truth, freedom, and justice, knows this and would be pushing too. But not Alex Jones . . . he will only push so far, and no farther. The biggest political problem we have in America is that Israel owns our Washington politicians lock, stock and barrel, and our politicians are using us and our children to fight Israel’s battles for them. Yet Alex Jones SUPPORTS Israel and the Zionist two-state solution (?!). I wonder what Alex would do if the Mexicans took over a large area of south Texas by force? Call for a two-state solution?

And Alex Jones is supposedly going somewhere is his quest to uncover government corruption and cover-ups? Right.

The first time I learned about the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, the Bilderburg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc . . . was, oh, let me think . . . THIRTY YEARS AGO!!

Is there some truth to all of that NWO conspiracy stuff? Of course there is, and I’m glad that Alex Jones is waking people up to what’s really going on, because (Lord knows) the American people need to wake-the-hell-up. Alex Jones himself says that his calling is to wake people up. In other words, he is not the one who will lead people to act. All of which is fine, yet, on the other hand, Mr. Jones is undermining those of of us whose calling IS to act and who ARE acting (i.e., the Egyptian and Libyan peoples, at the present time). And we (they) don’t need that. If you’re not going to help Alex, then at least shut up and stop saying the Egyptian and Libyan peoples who are fighting for liberty and freedom are dupes of the NWO. You and your tired, going nowhere, NWO rabbit-trail, which does nothing but dissipate Patriot energies . . . are you just screwed up? Or are you doing this intentionally? Why not start backing the People instead of the corrupt, murderous, established orders Mr. Jones? Do you have a problem with that? You say you believe in liberty and freedom, but you sure as hell don’t act like it.

As for the Charlie Sheen fiasco, Mr. Jones, who says he’s Charlie’s friend, allowed Mr. Sheen to destroy his career live on the Alex Jones Show; much to Jones’ delight. Charlie’s friend? Are you kidding me? I was listening to Alex’s broadcast that day, and I knew five minutes into the show that Mr. Sheen did NOT belong on air. Had Alex truly been Charlie’s friend, he would have known, immediately, as I did, that Charlie was in no mental condition to be talking on air, and he would have ended the interview at that point:

“Ok everyone, we’re going to a break now . . . stay tuned . . . “ [off air] “Charlie, you’re out there man. . . you can’t go on air and talk like that . . . I know, I’m manic-depressive too, I’ve been there, you’re flying! [laughing] . . . we’ll do this in a few months when you come down dude, and please don’t go on any more radio shows, okay? Go to the beach, for a month or two . . . just chill and take a break man, you’ll love it, forget all about this crap for a while, life is too short . . . if I let you keep talking on air like you are you’ll ruin ruin yourself, you’ll never work in Hollywood again man, you don’t want that, or need that . . . and your sure as hell not going to ruin your career on my show buddy! [laughing] I love you too much! hey, tell me what island you decide to visit and I will TOTALLY be there to visit for a week or so. I need to forget about my own crap and chill for a while!” [on air] “We’ve lost Charlie’s connection, and can’t seem to get it back . . . so, I’m thinking we’ll make todays broadcast like an open-line Friday and take listeners calls for the rest of the show. Last we spoke, Charlie’s headed for some well deserved rest and relaxation somewhere in the Caribbean and we wish him well . . . Okay, Robert from Oklahoma, what’s on your mind today?”

But did Alex say this to Charlie? Or something like this? No. What he said and did was just the opposite. Charlie’s friend? Bullshit. More like he knowingly took advantage of Charlie’s current manic state in order to further his own career. I wish I lived in Austin, or had the money to fly to Austin, I’d punch Alex Jones right in the mouth for what he did to Charlie. DONE with Alex Jones?! I was DONE when he didn’t back the Egyptian people. Taking advantage of and USING Charlie Sheen and his current mental state in order to further his own pathetic career? A fist in his big f-ing mouth is what Alex Jones needs. Big blowhard. And if Charlie’s still alive (and doesn’t kill himself) six months from now and doesn’t punch him in the mouth himself, I will gladly do it for him.

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