Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Three (3) Blocks from the White House

As I've mentioned before, there's a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located at 16th and L streets NW in Washington, DC, which is only three (3) blocks from the White House. One can see the Washington Monument while standing in front of the abortion clinic. I was born in Washington, DC, about thirteen years before Roe v. Wade, when Planned Parenthood abortion clinics like this one didn’t exist—a time when people had greater respect and reverence for life.

I usually park somewhere in this area of DC if I drive there for a protest or something, because it's near the White House. On my walk to the White House from where I usually park on 16th street I pass the National Geographic building, some office buildings, an abortion clinic, fancy hotels, a Starbucks, a fancy restaurant, a couple of church buildings, and the American Enterprise Institute. Somehow, for me anyways, an abortion clinic simply doesn't belong on Main (or 16th) Street, along with every other legitimate business. Killing babies is not the same as selling coffee and renting out hotel rooms. At least it shouldn't be.

Where are the liberal Democrats on the life issue? Are they not in full support of human rights for all peoples? of whatever age? wanted or unwanted? planned or unplanned? If the Democrats would ever pick up the human rights banner again by supporting life and denouncing abortion they would win every election. The Republicans would go back to being their big-business, fat-cat, country-club (minority) selves. so why are THEY the ones who are trying to defund (=close down) the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic three (3) blocks from the White House? And why are the (so-called) liberals NOT? Do liberals not agree human children---born or not-yet-born---have human rights?

Human life? Human dignity? Human respect? Human rights? Equal justice under law? “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (MLK)?

It all sounds very liberal, and very simple, to me . . .

If you cannot see the injustice of abortion . . . and how important it is not to make any exceptions when it comes to granting rights to all human beings regardless of race, religion, age, economic status, ethnicity, gender, whatever, then I cannot help you. I would say “you have eyes to see yet cannot see . . . ears to hear yet cannot hear” (Jesus).

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