Wednesday, August 3, 2011

America - Why the Left and the Right Need to Come Together and Learn From One Another

I predicted the so-called “debt crisis” to be the final death blow to the TEA Party and I was wrong about that, but I was correct about the whole debt ceiling "crisis" being all about the TEA Party, which it was. But where I thought the TEA Party would fail it has succeeded, which all Americans should take note of.

Although some, few, high profile TEA Partiers may take government assistance, the vast majority of Americans and TEA Partiers do not and people are sick of being fleeced, or robbed, of their hard earned money. Sick unto death. This fact cannot and should not be ignored, especially by the Left.

There are good reasons for why TEA Party people are so angry. Most are working class folks, which the left SAY they support. How many prominent leftists are white rather than blue collar workers? How many leftists live in urban as opposed to rural America? Rural America is, for the most part "America" itself. I know, because I have travelled the entire nation many times over. Large urban areas are few and far between, except for the Northeast.

If the Right is 50% correct on issues and 50% wrong the Left has the 50% correct which the Right needs and the Right has the 50% correct which the Left needs. For the most part, the most vocal of the Left hate Jesus, hate (traditional) America, especially the flag, and hate life (i.e., pro-abortion). This is a losing "strategy" for the Left to cling to. Period. America will never become the socialist utopia the far Left hopes for. No utopias exist and it's dangerous to presume that they can (think: Communist China, today).

The Right, especially the religious Right, needs to listen to the wisdom of the Left on many issues, especially the issue of America's ongoing wars. The Pentagon and its ongoing wars is where most of our tax monies are currently going. The Left tells us the truth but the Right refuses to listen: the entire “War on Terror” is a sham and we should not allow ourselves to be taken by media/government propaganda that blames “Islamofacism” for creating terror and for perpetrating 9/11. Israeli Mossad, with US government assistance, did that and it’s foolish for otherwise intelligent people to believe the official--and officially unscientific--government mythology of 9/11.

Our troops are losing more than life and limb fighting the “War on Terror” overseas, they are losing theirs souls and their humanity, which is far worse. A man can be fitted for an artificial limb but not for an artificial soul. Science can't fix that, and neither can the VA. It's up to us, the American people, to demand an end to the misuse and abuse of our troops; to bring them home and keep them home, now.

The Right needs to listen to Left on the issue of caring for the needs of others as well. Although the Right is correct that it’s not the federal governments job to bail out bankrupt citizens any more than bankrupt banks the Right needs to listen when the Left tells us that we need a better vision for the future of America; a vision of hope and progress, not a “vision” of continued despair and maintaining the status quo or worse: regressing toward become an even less humane society. It’s true that a man should be willing to “pull himself up by his own bootstraps” but this tired shibboleth presupposes the man has a pair of boots to begin with, doesn’t it?

On 9/11, please see: - - as well as: - or simply Google: “the military knows”

On Communist China today, please see:

On soldiers losing their souls during times of war, please watch this film in its entirety:

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