Saturday, August 6, 2011

The US Government is Criminal; Therefore Illegitimate

The US Congress does not represent the People, it represents special interests. Period. There is no democracy in America. Our vote counts for nothing. In fact the voting system itself is rigged, from special interest monies to electronic voting machine fraud. We have been disenfranchised and there is nothing we can do about it except abolish the current government and institute new government, as per the Declaration of Independence. Today's headline states we have lost our triple A credit rating and I am not at all surprised. Things will only get worse before they get better and things will only get better when good people stand up to the evil–and there is no other word for this but evil–in Washington and take our nation back for the people.

For example, there is PLENTY of work to be done in America, despite what Washington says. Cut off trade with China and make our products at home. Light manufacturing in the USA would be a boon both to blighted urban ghettos and dying rural towns. Our highways, roads, and bridges are in desperate need of repair but all Washington needs to do is to federalize all US and Interstate highways and hire the crews (at prevailing, living, wages) to get the job done. The reason Washington won’t do this is because they use the federal highway funding to the states as a way to extort the states to do their will regarding issues not related to highways at all. End the wars, which cost $1 billion per day, according to what I have been told, personally, by a US Army colonel at the US Army War College.

People have completely lost faith and confidence in the US government and it is beginning to show. This, too, will only grow worse. The truth about 9/11 is coming out, that our own government along with Israel (Washington’s most special interest “group”) perpetrated 9/11 and blamed it on the Muslims. This, too, we have from a source at the US Army War College, and it is 100% certain. Washington is collapsing and we need to prepare for the worst.

*Legal Disclaimer: Because the Montgomery County, Maryland Police, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police and the US Marshals have already expressed an interest in and a concern with me due to my past and because of my ongoing involvement with the Summer of Mercy and our ongoing work to drive late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart out of business in Germantown, Maryland, the image accompanying this brief paper should in no way be interpreted as a threat of violence against Carhart or anyone else. The image is simply one that came up when I did a Google image search for “criminal government”. I have never endorsed shooting or killing abortionists and I never will. As far as the US government and treason goes, federal law says traitors hang. Personally, I am consistently prolife, meaning I am against all unjust killing, especially state sponsored killing, which includes unjust wars, abortion, and capital punishment.
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