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NTD Television is the best Chinese news agency

NTD Television is the best Chinese news agency

NTD is the best Chinese news agency
NTD Television – China News March 23, 2012:
NTDTV online:
NTD also publishes The Epoch Times newspaper, which has the best news out of China:
My favorite part of the Epoch Times is: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party:
Traditional Chinese law, society, and culture is based upon the Tao, which S C Lewis describes in his book: The Abolition of Man, and is what we, in the west, call: natural law. The Abolition of Man is online at: and is probably one of the most important books of the past 100 years. I think I am on the same page legally, morally, socially, and politically, speaking, concerning the Tao and natural law, as is The Epoch Times, NTDTV, C S Lewis, Cicero, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, America’s Founding Fathers, Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Catholic Church.
NTD stands for New Tang Dynasty, because that era was a high point in Chinese social and political culture. It was a time of truth, justice, and beauty. Communism has plunged China into an abyss of lies, injustice, and ugliness, which the people who are working with NTD are attempting to overcome via satellite broadcasts out of Taiwan.
“There were many notable innovations during the Tang, including the development of woodblock printing.Buddhism became a major influence in Chinese culture, with native Chinese sects gaining prominence. However, Buddhism would later be persecuted by the state and decline in influence. Although the dynasty and central government were in decline by the 9th century, art and culture continued to flourish. The weakened central government largely withdrew from managing the economy, though the country’s mercantile affairs stayed intact and commercial trade continued to thrive regardless.”

Emperor Suzong of Tang - Emperor of the Tang Dynasty
A Cultural Renaissance
New Tang Dynasty Television takes its name from China’s Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), often referred to as China’s “Golden Age.” For many, Tang culture symbolizes the height and pride of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.
Unfortunately, much of China’s culture has been destroyed under the past six decades of communist rule.
That is why NTD goes to great lengths to be a leader in restoring and promoting traditional Chinese culture.
NTD does this through creating top-notch cultural television shows for children and adults, hosting an annual cultural Competition Series, and being the New York production sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts, the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company.
Many of NTD’s television programs focus on various elements of traditional Chinese culture. These programs include:
• Journey to the East (English)
• The Journey of Chinese Characters (Mandarin and English)
• Traditional Chinese Story Telling (Mandarin)
• Chinese Medicine Demystified (Mandarin)
• Chinese Literature Appreciation (Mandarin)
• and many more
NTD hosts an annual competition series aimed at promoting traditional Chinese and classical arts. The series is comprised of nine competitions:
• International Classical Chinese Dance Competition
• International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition
• International Chinese Culinary Competition
• Global Han Couture Design Competition
• Chinese International Figure Painting Competition
• Chinese International Photography Competition
• Chinese International Violin Competition
• Chinese International Piano Competition
• Chinese International Vocal Competition
NTD is also the New York production sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts, which presents classical Chinese dance and music shows at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.
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