Friday, September 21, 2012

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After the alert spread last weeks around American embassies, it is now France's turn to be on guard. The reason: a series of cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad published Wednesday by French satirical weekly called Charlie Hebdo. The publication was received with mixed feelings. The French Council for Muslim Cult called it an act of islamophobia. Fearing attacks, French authorities decided to beef up security around the magazine building. The magazine is well known for its provocative cartoons and covers. Especially for those related to Islam and prophet Muhammad, just like the last one.

The debate comes amid widespread outrage over an American short-film. Last Saturday a protest sparked in front of the US embassy in Paris. The police arrested then over 150 demonstrators. It is not the first time the magazine conflicted with Islam. In November 2011 its previous offices were burnt down after publishing other cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. Since then its director lives under 24h police protection.

Street demonstrations have not taken place yet. For now, people express their views, both for and against; in the social media world. The scandal for Prophet Muhammad cartoon quickly spread around the entire country. In less than two hours Charlie Hebdo sold 75,000 copies of this number. Impossible to find it in the city afterwards. Despite their success, a French NGO registerd a complaint against the magazine for religious discrimination. Despite the threat the magazine decided to reprint another 75,000 copies this upcoming Friday.

Hugo Passarello, JN1, Paris.
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Was the “Innocence of Muslims” a combined MOSSAD/CIA/MI5/DVD PSYOPS film?

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