Saturday, October 6, 2007

The World Perceived

To a great extent, our perception of the world determines how we act, or how we live our lives, in-the-world. How do we see the world? How are we to make sense of it? understand it?

Our presupposed notions about the world inevitably influence our interpretation of all that we perceive in-and-about the world; therefore we should be willing to recognize and identify our presuppositions in order to better understand how it is that they shape and influence the world that we perceive.

The appearance of the world to our common, everyday sense perceptions grants us a unique insight into the myriad phenomena that we observe in the world. The world appears to us as-it-is and the world of phenomena is given to us in adavnce of our intellectualized conceptions of the world.

How we are to best make sense of the world of our lived-experience and how we should live and act in-the-world is the main topic of this blog and it is also the subject of book that I am now in the process of writing.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!