Thursday, August 30, 2012

Borderland Beat: Mayhem in Monterrey: 17 die

Borderland Beat: Mayhem in Monterrey: 17 die: By Chris Covert A total of 17 individuals were murdered in ongoing drug and gang related violence in and around Monterrey, N...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, 58-min.Ver.

This is the 58-min version offered for free viewing on YouTube. Please shareon FB & Twitter everywhere and forward by email to everyone. The complete feature-length 88 minute version, with much more evidence from many more experts is available for viewing and downloading (DVD image file and .mp4) at

9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out: This new documentary by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth features dozens of credentialed experts in architecture, engineering, and other related fields who argue that the World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were not brought down on September 11, 2001, by the office fires ignited by the jetliner impacts, but rather by explosive controlled demolition. The 43 architects, engineers, physicists, chemists, and others interviewed in the film represent more than 14,000 concerned citizens and over 1,700 architects and engineers from around the world who have signed a petition demanding a new, independent investigation. The film details scientific, forensic evidence that the group claims was omitted or misrepresented by the official reports. Official reports blame the unprecedented destruction of all three modern skyscrapers on fires and on the removal of insulation by the jetliner impacts. No jetliner crashed into WTC 7.

The documentary presents interviews with several psychologists who share their ideas about why the evidence discussed by the technical experts in the film has been difficult for many to face, and how to make approaching others with this controversial issue easier. Family members of 9/11 victims speak to the viewers explaining why they are still not happy with the answers they've been given by our government. They ask that we join them in looking at what these experts have to say.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Borderland Beat: Knights Templar: Narco Banners Declare "Z40" Most ...

Borderland Beat: Knights Templar: Narco Banners Declare "Z40" Most ...

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat The Knights Templar Cartel has declared war against Miguel Angel Trevino aka “Z40” by displaying...Their mission is based on a strong religious component with a code of conduct that forbids the use of drugs.  Yet they somehow reconcile that with the fact they operate are one of the largest meth trafficking routes into the United States...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

TalkingStickTV - Chalmers Johnson - The Sorrows of Empire

Chalmers Johnson, president of the Japan Policy Research Institute, is the author of the bestselling books Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and Nemesis, which make up his Blowback Trilogy. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, the London Review of Books, Harper's Magazine, The Nation, and



Friday, August 10, 2012

AUDIO - Mark Dankof's America on TUT Broadcasting Network

Mark Dankof

Listen to internet radio with mark glenn on Blog  Talk Radio 

Pat Buchanan:

Sikh Killings, Mosque Burnings and Iran Sanctioning: America's Bullying Epidemic

Mark Dankof interviews Robert Sungenis concerning his latest article on 9/11:
Part 1:
Part 2: 

Mark Dankof's America Blog:

David Ray Griffin 9/11 and the American Empire

David Ray Griffin 9/11 and the American Empire
Professor David Ray Griffin is considered by many the most respected leader of the 9/11 movement. Prof. Griffin is professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology, where he taught for over thirty years. He has authored or edited over two dozen scholarly books. First appearing in the national media May 7, 2004 on C-SPAN 2, his program was repeated a week later due to popular demand. In this 80-minute lecture to a standing room audience of 400 at the University of Wisconsin, Prof. David Ray Griffin, one of the most respected theologians in the US, discusses his extensive research into the 9/11 cover-up. Putting aside all of his work in theology, Prof. Griffin then devoted himself to writing The New Pearl Harbor (2004), a devastating book with detailed footnotes which systematically presents a powerful account questioning the official story of 9/11. See: and

Stop the Drug War: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Condemns U.S. Role in Wid...

Armed & Bailed: US 'Blackwater' mercs pay crimes with fines

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Police: 7 Dead in Shooting at Wis. Sikh Temple

Video above removed by AP

"Four white males dressed in dark clothing came in and opened fire"

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